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When Will Congress Stop?

Time to get up on my soapbox for a moment.

I saw this article the other day and was furious when I read it.  Congress looking into smokeless tobacco use

Let me start by saying that I do not use tobacco in any form, but since when is it Congress’ job to decide who does?  Are there not bigger issues to worry about?  Our country is headed downhill in a hurry and these boneheads are worried about what children might think if they see a MLB player using tobacco.  Shouldn’t they be more concerned about educating them?  Maybe teach them the effects of the products so they won’t use it instead of forcing professional athletes not to use it because little Jimmy might want to try it.

There is a bigger issue at stake if that is the case and it starts at home.  I can understand the steroids use and Congress wanting something to be done about it.  But there is a bigger issue there, steroids are illegal.  They are so concerned about the kids looking up to pro athletes and not so concerned that little Jimmy’s father might take him to a game and get drunk.  Should we ban beer next?  Why not educate people instead?

Tori Hunter points makes a good point.  What about the people in the homes that are using the same smokeless tobacco?  Are you going to ban them from using it?  Maybe we should concentrate on being better parents so the kids will look up to them instead of the ballplayers.  Or maybe I was just blessed with parents that truly cared about what I did and became.  There are so many problems in our country and a lot of them could be solved if we simply got in touch with the kids.  Teach them what is right and wrong and be a role model for them so they don’t have to go looking for a role model elsewhere.

I am stepping down off my soap box now.  What are your thoughts on the issue?

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