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Quick Thoughts on the World Baseball Classic

Quick Thoughts on the World Baseball Classic

Opening Day is nearing and it’s already been a busy spring with baseball. The World Baseball Classic was one of the best tournaments I’ve ever seen. There was so much drama and excitement that it made for great baseball.

Some quick WBC thoughts:

First of all, I couldn’t have been more excited to see how well the Netherlands and Italy did. I love seeing the underdogs win, and I really want to see baseball in Europe continue to grow. I know there is so much potential there.

On the flip side, I was a little disappointed with how the USA played. They seemed uninspired for the most part. I’m not sure why, but something needs to change for the US to finally win one of these.

Speaking of winners, there has never been a team that dominated the entire tournament like the Dominican did. They were easily the best team and it was nice to see a new team take home the title. They won with a dominate bullpen and it was fun to watch.

I was equally excited to see Puerto Rico make the finals. They often get forgotten when people talk about Caribbean baseball, but they showed their talent this year.

I already can’t wait for the 2017 edition of the tournament. The banter before it comes around with all the speculation of where it could be played will be fun.

I haven’t been blogging as much here because I’ve been so busy at I will have some baseball travels coming up soon that I will write about here though, including Opening Day.

I have one week left in Korea and then I am off back to the States. On my way back I am stopping over in Toronto to catch the Blue Jays Opening Day game against the Cleveland Indians. I’m excited because it’s my first time in Toronto.

After that I’ll be catching a game here or there in and around Nashville hopefully to include my first Sounds game.

So in a week I’ll be in Toronto and will write about it then.

We are nearing Opening Day!!!

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