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All 30 MLB Parks in 2013?

All 30 MLB Parks in 2013?

So I am back, I guess I never really left, to wanting to plan a Major League Baseball stadium tour for 2013. Now that the schedules are out, I am looking into routes to take.

But the other day someone asked me why I want to do this? It got me to thinking.

The main reason is I have been a passionate baseball fan my entire life. It’s the one thing that I can look back on for as long as I can remember knowing I’ve always loved the game. I love to watch baseball. I love the experience of taking in a new stadium, walking the grounds, seeing the fans, and looking at the game as if it is new again.

Not only do I love the game, but I love the stadiums. The roar of the crowd, the smell of the stale beer and hot dogs, and even the architecture that goes into the new and old ones alike are all things that interest me. The fact that no two stadiums are alike makes me want to see them all.

But it goes beyond just baseball. This is America. Driving to see all 30 MLB stadiums would take me to places I’ve never been. Seeing the west coast, the mid-west, and even Canada are all things I really want to do. I see it not only as a baseball journey, but a journey across America and that excites me as much as the baseball does.

Then the question becomes, why not spread it out over the course of many years. I’d have more time to see the country and the stadiums along with it. True, but I haven’t lived in the States during baseball season for 3 years now. And I don’t think that will change much over the next few years.

The final thing is, I have the money. I’ve never had the money to undertake such a trip before. However, even though I do have it I am reluctant to spend it. This is the first time in my life I’ve had the money and time, but I am worried even still.

I’d love to mark this off of my list of things to do (I hate the term ‘bucket list’). Then I can start to plan my next adventure.

What do you think? Should I go for it?

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