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Movie Review: One Hit from Home

Movie Review: One Hit from Home

I’ll watch just about anything that deals with baseball. So when I saw earlier this week that a baseball themed movie came out on DVD, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

One Hit from Home is the story of a struggling ex-major leaguer who returns home in the midst of a disappointed career.  He  runs into a bit of trouble and is given the choice of jail or coaching a struggling college team.

It’s quite strange in fact. They say he was a huge disappointment, but when they talk about him playing in the big leagues they make it sound like he was good. The reason he quit was he hurt his knee. They never say it was because he couldn’t cut it. So why was he such a huge disappointment? I don’t get it.

I could go into the story line in more depth here, but I won’t bother. It wasn’t a great movie or even a very good one.

I don’t mind not so good action when they are playing the game, but this was some of the worst at times. At one point a team turns to a hard throwing pitcher and out comes some Incredible Hulk wanna be who obviously has never thrown a baseball before.  Most of the actions isn’t this bad, but at times it is.

The story line was way too predictable and honestly the acting wasn’t great at times. Overall I would rate it a single glove on the Baseball Journeyman ranking system. If you have some time to kill and there is nothing else on maybe give it a shot. However, I wouldn’t recommend paying even a dollar to see it which is why I am not wasting too much time going into more details. It’s just not worth the effort.




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