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Book Review: The American Dream by Nicholas H.W. Henning

Book Review: The American Dream by Nicholas H.W. Henning

Recently I read the story The American Dream: From Perth to Sacramento about a young ballplayer named Damian from Australia who is signed and plays ball in the minor leagues in the US. I really enjoyed the book for several reasons.

The writer, Nicholas H.W. Henning, is Australian so the language used is different than what you would hear from an American writer. I found this interesting just for the simple fact of seeing how they would describe players and their abilities using different words. It made the book just a little more interesting in that respect for me. Then again I am fascinated with the game in other countries.

Speaking of which, you get a little insight into the game in Australia. The story takes place back in the early 1990’s before there was an Australian Baseball League so the set up of the game in the country was different then. It provides a little insight into the structure of the leagues and major tournaments that laid the groundwork for the 2nd coming of the ABL.

You also get an insight on what it’s like to be a player from another country coming over to America. You are right there along side Damian as he tries new things like Creole food, driving a stick shift, and even driving on the right side of the round. All things that one might take for granted if they are from the US in the first place.

There is humor in the book as well that is written quite well. The joke that the players play on one another during their medical check up in spring training is hilarious, and it’s easy to see players actually doing something like this as well.

There are just so many sides to the story that are interesting and that’s what kept me reading. Sure some of it is devoted to Damian’s love life which is interesting from the long distance stand point. But then you add in the groupies that are around the players and more hilarity ensues.

You are also given a glimpse inside the life of a player dealing with relationships, and relationships that may not last a long time. Players get traded, released, or injured and they aren’t around for anymore for a number of reasons. You see the difficult side of dealing with these relationships and how they can affect you in the short and long term.

I really enjoyed reading the book and think you would as well. It’s an easy read that keeps you entertained. I like the view point of the foreigner coming to America to play the game and the obstacles he goes through in order to chase his dream like thousands of others.

You can find all of Nicholas R.W. Henning’s book on Amazon and you can follow his blog at would highly recommend picking up one of his books as I thoroughly enjoyed mine. In my own personal way of rating, I would have to give this book 4 out of 5 gloves.


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