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Major League Baseball Will Miss Drayton McLane

Major League Baseball Will Miss Drayton McLane

Major League Baseball will miss Drayton McLane, former owner of the Houston Astros. He was simply one of the good guys in the game and not enough can be said about how this game could use more men like him.

Too many times we read of an owner who is meddling with the team and doesn’t know when to step back and let others do their jobs. Or a team is owned by a huge corporation where there is no face of the franchise and thus little or no personality. Some are outspoken which can be good and bad. Some are only in it for the money to be made and not putting a winner on the field. But I never got this feeling about the Astros when they were owned by McLane.

I am not here to say that all owners in baseball are bad. Honestly I don’t know most of them. I don’t read a lot about them, nor do I really care too much about them. McLane was a little different though. He was from my home town of Temple, Texas.

I have never been a huge Astros fan but I have never been a huge Astros hater either. A large part of the later comes from the fact McLane owned the team for so many years.

McLane purchased the Astros in 1993 when I was in high school. It was a big deal in our small little town of about 50,000 people. The first year or two he owned the team they had a special day called “Temple Day in the Dome” where may of the people from my hometown went to a game and had a reception following the game. Busses of people went down to show their support, but I was never able to attend. Even before this, he was always a generous kind man.

During the summer of 1993 my Pony League baseball team needed money to travel to Dallas for a regional tournament. Who stepped up? Drayton McLane did. Even though we were not able to make the trip due to other circumstances, he was there donating the money we needed to make the trip. He always showed support for our high school baseball program, and even spoke at our awards banquet my senior year. It was a pleasure getting to know him even just a little.

McLane did a lot of good for Houston and the Astros. He built Minute Maid Park, took the Astros to their first ever World Series in 2005, and for a period of 13 seasons the Astros ranked 2nd in the National League in winning percentage at .543.

I have read a lot of articles and interviews where the press said he was always available. He always answered their questions and made time for them. He was a visible owner at all times but not so much in a Jerry Jones in your face way. Every time I turned on the Astros game, you could see him sitting behind home plate sometimes with the likes of former president George H. W. Bush.

Some have said he was too involved, especially these last few years when the Astros have been horrible. Even if that is true, which I don’t know for sure, he has done more good for the team and the city that he ever did harm.

MLB will miss Drayton McLane. Whatever he decides to do in the future I know everyone wishes him well and he will be successful. I will continue to root for the Astros, except when they play my favorite teams of course and most of that is simply because of Mr. McLane and what he has done.

So thank you Drayton McLane for all you have done. You will be missed. MLB was a better place with you in its ranks.

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