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MLB to Expand Playoffs with Second Wild Card Team

MLB to Expand Playoffs with Second Wild Card Team

So last week Uncle Bud announced that baseball will be adding another wild card to the playoffs after the new collective bargaining agreement is in place next season.

Some people are advocating the wild card versus wild card round should be a one-game play-in to the Division Series. There are concerns that an additional 3 game series will push the season later into November which means bad weather.

Bad weather isn’t really a valid argument though. They already play deep into October, so what’s the difference with playing in early November?

The excitement of the additional series should be good for the game. Additional TV revenue will be had, but perhaps the greatest benefit will be more teams will be in contention later in the season.

Right now, the Wild Card keeps several teams in contention late in the season. With the added round, the number of teams fighting for a playoff spot will increase greatly. This means more fans, better TV, and hopefully increased revenues for them to fight over at some future time.

I am really going to be open minded on this. I am what you might call a “traditionalist”. I understand the impact of this and the positives just like I did when they expanded the first time. Perhaps I am just a bit too nostalgic when it comes to baseball in that I like how things don’t change all that often. In the long run I know it is good for the game, and what is good for the game is the right thing to do.

What do you think about it all?

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