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Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards Announcement

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards Announcement

With the regular season over, and the playoffs heating up, its time to start with the yearly awards. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance votes for several awards. Here is a list of the awards that I will be voting on. As part of the Miscellaneous Chapter of the BBA, I will only be voting on the NL.

Connie Mack – Manager of the year
Willie Mays – Rookie of the Year
Goose Gossage – Reliever
Walter Johnson – Cy Young
Stan Musial – MVP

Today I would like to announce my votes for both the Connie Mack and Willie Mays Awards for 2010.

Connie Mack – Manager of the Year for the National League
1. Dusty Baker – Bringing together the Cincinnati Reds this year was a tough task for Baker. He did an amazing job leading the underdog reds to a NL Central title winning 91 games and dethroning the St. Louis Cardinals. Baker did a fine job with a young pitching staff and some of the finest young hitters in the game. He was able to mesh the veterans with the young players and lead the team to the playoffs.

2. Bruce Bochy – Bochy did a great job leading the Giants to a NL West division title. Having trailed the Padres most of the season, his team never quit and continued to charge hard toward the title. Bochy did a great job utilizing his great young pitchers and hitters meshed with an array of “has been” hitters who were discards from other teams.

3. Charlie Manuel – Manuel led the Phillies to the best record in baseball, but it didn’t look that way for most of the season. Having to deal with injuries all year long, Manuel keep his team in the hunt for a title.

Willie Mays Award – NL Rookie of the Year
1. Buster Posey – Posey burst onto the scene in the National League this year with a great performance for the Giants. Hitting .305, with 18 home runs, and 67 RBI in 108 games, Posey clearly showed he is one of the elite catchers in the game. Add to it his ability behind the plate, and Posey is the clear choice for ROY.

2. Jason Heyward – Heyward was the early pick for ROY, but stumbled through some rookie problems. He will be a fantastic player, and had Posey not burst onto the scene he would be my choice for winner. Heyward anchored a Braves lineup that lacked power, but he provided 18 home runs, 72 RBI, and hit .277 which is very respectable for a rookie.

3. Steven Strasburg – Despite only making 12 starts and going on the DL, Strasburg showed what he can do and its dominate. His era of 2.91 and whip of 1.07 is great for a rookie. Where he really showed his dominance was his 92 strikeouts in 68 innings. Now it only remains to be seen how quick he can recover and return to the mound.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance

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2 Responses to “Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards Announcement”

  1. William says:

    Really can’t quibble with your choices. I am surprised that you left Bud Black out of the top three though.

  2. Bud Black got a lot of consideration as did Bobby Cox. I think any of those in the top 3 are solid choices.


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