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Best Baseball Stadiums in Korea

One of my goals this year was to see a game in all of the stadiums here in Korea.  There are 7 stadiums in the KBO.  Most of them are older and outdated.  The teams here are used more as marketing objects than money makers so little is put back into the stadiums.  I visited my last stadium after visiting Daejeon Baseball Stadium on the last day of the season.  After seeing the last stadium, I decided to rank the stadiums of the KBO.

Here are my rankings of the 7 in the league.

#7 Moodeung Stadium – Home of the Kia Tigers

Clearly the worst stadium is Moodeung Stadium in Gwangju, home of the Kia Tigers. The most successful team in KBO league history (10 championships) has not use any of that success to upgrade the ballpark. The seats are falling apart, the stadium is plain and ugly with everything made of concrete, and there is nothing aesthetically appealing about the stadium at all. But it doesn’t stop there. The concession choices are limited, and what they do have is not very good.

Moodeung Baseball Stadium Kia Tigers

Moodeung Baseball Stadium - Home of the Kia Tigers

#6 Daegu Baseball Stadium – Home of the Samsung Lions

Daegu Baseball Stadium is only a slight step up from Moodeung. Again a concrete monstrocity, the stadium is crammed with little room to move around with narrow isles. The seats are old and uncomfortable, and the food that is offered is not very good. When going to a game here bring in your own food. The only positive that can be pulled form this stadium is the atmosphere. With so many fanatical fans, the stadium can be rocking when full, but that is league wide and not specific to Daegu.

Daegu Baseball Stadium Samsung Lions

Daegu Baseball Stadium - Home of the Samsung Lions

#5 Daejeon Baseball Stadium – Home of the Hanwha Eagles

Another horrible stadium by American standards, Daejeon Baseball Stadium gets the nod over Daegu simply for their concessions being out among the stands instead of on a concourse away from the action. Again an old, run down place to watch a game with not a lot offered as far as food selection, the stadium could use a lot of work.

Daejeon Baseball Stadium Hanwha Eagles

Daejeon Baseball Stadium - Home of the Hanwha Eagles

#4 Jamsil Baseball Stadium – Home of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears

The only stadium shared by two teams, Jamsil was built in the early 80’s like most other stadiums in Korea. It hosted the 1988 Olympic Baseball Games and is situated next to Seoul Olympic Stadium. This is one of the bigger stadiums in the league holding over 30,000. It’s a nice place to see a game and reminds me a lot of the old cookie-cutter fields from the USA. The food selection is much better here with more choices inside and out of the stadium.

Jamsil Stadium LG Twins Doosan Bears

Jamsil Baseball Stadium - Home of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears

#3 Sajik Baseball Stadium – Home of the Lotte Giants

Sajik is also known as the Mecca for Korean Baseball. It is a nice stadium that really benefits from being in Busan on the coast. Many nights the air will get cooler and a nice breeze will blow in off the water, which makes the game a bit more enjoyable during summer. It is one of the bigger stadiums holding over 28,000 fans, and might be the most energetic stadium. The food selection is good with a lot of variety, the fans are phenomenal, and it’s just a great place to see a game.

Sajik Baseball Stadium Lotte Giants

Sajik Baseball Stadium - Home of the Lotte Giants

#2 Mokdong Baseball Stadium – Home of the NEXEN Heroes

I got a really good feeling when I visited Mokdong Stadium. It is in the middle of the pack as far as size holding around 18,000. I really enjoyed the stadium because I got the same feeling I did when I went to minor league games in the States in that I felt close to the game. There is no seating in the outfield so it forces you down the baselines where you get the feeling of being close to the players. The food selection was decent, and the fans were again very enthusiastic even for a losing team.

Mokdong Baseball Stadium NEXEN Heroes

Mokdong Baseball Stadium - Home of the NEXEN Heroes

#1 Munhak Stadium – Home of the SK Wyverns

Clearly in a class of its own, Munhak Stadium is a great place to watch a game. This is the only stadium in Korea that could come close to a Major League Stadium in America. Really the only thing it might lack is a lot of luxury boxes. It would make a great minor league stadium as is. It has the look and feel of a great stadium with a grass area in left field to throw down a blanket and watch the game. In right field there is a BBQ area where you can rent a space and cook during the game. It is also the only recently built stadium having been built in 2001. This is the #1 place to see baseball in Korea.

Munhak Baseball Stadium SK Wyverns

Munhak Baseball Stadium - Home of the SK Wyverns

Honorable Mention
Suwon Baseball Stadium – This stadium is no longer being used in the KBO, but it is better than half of the stadiums in use. It is the former home of the Hyundai Unicorns, which is now the NEXEN Heroes. The stadium is still used for high school tournaments.

Suwon Baseball Stadium

Suwon Baseball Stadium - Former Home of the Hyundai Unicorns

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5 Responses to “Best Baseball Stadiums in Korea”

  1. seomadness says:

    Hey, You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic with bing and found most people will agree with your blog.

  2. Andrew says:

    Spent many of my nights at Moodeung Stadium last season. I agree with a lot of what you saw – there are rows missing seats, some concrete steps are about three foot deep and followed by one that less than half that size. The outfield is impossible to get to and the scoreboard is a joke to the point that anyone with more than three characters in their surname have to have it shortened – meaning that most of the foreigners, like Garcia, have messed up names.

    But, to the ebst of my knowledge, Moodeung is not owned by KIA. The stadium is owned by the City and KIA have no control over anything there. One person even told me they need permission just to change the paper in the toilets. There is (another) huge debate about moving out. Rumours of a dome stadium resurfaced over the summer. The bottom line is this team averages 7,000 a game, despite their season, and they are playing in a stadium totally unloved by the residents of Gwangju.

  3. Thanks for the info on who owns the stadium. I did not know. You would think they would upgrade it in fear of losing them, but who knows here. I would think with as successful as KIA has been over the years that a new stadium would bring in a lot of money.

  4. Andrew says:

    Very true. And I don’t think that people in the city are as conncerned as they should be about a potential scrappage of sponsorship by KIA. I guess they are lucky the company has a massive planet beside U-Square Bus Terminal. They simply can’t afford to go the way of Nexen and spend a few seasons without a sponsor. And with that nice stadium sitting virtually idle in Suwon, there is always the fear of moving. Even the most successful sides can die off. Tickets cost 7,000 won, so with an average capacity of 7,000 plus no corporate boxes, that’s a lot of money lost over an 80+ home season.

    Have been to Munhak a couple of times to see SK and KIA. Love the place – great stadium and atmosphere. Miles out of town if you’re staying in Seoul, but there ya go. Have never been to an MLB stadium (from a country with no interest or pedigree in baseball) so I can only comment on what is in the KBO. Sajik is clas, but not when the home fans pepper the KIA outfields with all sorts od debris in the bottom of the 9th 😉


  1. […] Baseball Journeyman compiled his own list, and, sorry Tigers fan, Gwangju’s Moodeung Stadium was ranked dead last. As Mr. Journeyman points out, Moodeung is “clearly the worst stadium. The seats are falling apart, the stadium is plain and ugly with everything made of concrete, and there is nothing aesthetically appealing about the stadium at all.” We know it, but love it nonetheless. […]

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