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Ken Burns “The Tenth Inning” Coming Soon

Ken Burns “The Tenth Inning” Coming Soon

Ken Burns “Baseball” is the most complete documentary on the sport.  Of course there are sections that could have been expanded on, but when you are dealing with over 100 years to document it can be difficult to include everything.  Especially when dealing with budgets and time constraints.  However, “Baseball” is a great series and it’s about to get a little bit better.

PBS will air “The Tenth Inning” on September 28 and 29 of this year, just before the playoffs begin.  This is a 4-hour piece that will cover the sport from 1994 to the present.  It will deal with the steroids era along with other aspects of the game over the past 15 years.  A DVD will be available a week later with 2 additional hours of material.

I know I will be eagerly awaiting the release of “The Tenth Inning”.  I have seen the original series countless times learning something new each time.  It’s a fascinating series and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest picking it up.

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  1. Robert Bulka says:

    Ken Burns “Baseball” was probably his best work and a must see for any baseball fan. I expect his latest baseball video, “Tenth Inning”, will show the ugly side of America’s favorite pastime – and how Baseball changed from a game into Big Business.
    .-= Robert Bulka´s last blog ..Super 8 Hitting Systems =-.

  2. I agree. It was very well done. I am a big fan of Ken Burns. He has done some great stuff on the Civil War and WWII.


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